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Bryce Robertson

G’day, I’m Bryce Robertson your Australian Real Estate Mate! I’m here to help YOU create your freedom lifestyle and live your American dream!

G’day, I’m Bryce Robertson your Australian Real Estate Mate! I’m here to help YOU create your freedom lifestyle and live your American dream!


When it comes to real estate I own, operate, syndicate and educate. As an experienced entrepreneur, explorer of opportunities and world adventurer, I’ve experienced 1st hand the abundant opportunity that exists here in the mighty U.S of A!


I left my homeland in my early 20’s to explore the world for 6 years. I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of my international exploration and owned multiple businesses in few countries and continents along the way. I figured out how I could work for a few months at one of my international “base camps”, then leave base camp for a few months to explore and adventure neighboring countries and continents. At the time I thought I’d “cracked the code” and figure out how to live a freedom lifestyle. 


But there was one major problem with my set up. The businesses I owned were dependent on me physically working to generate income. If I wasn’t physically working, I wasn’t making income. I was generating a handsome income when I was at “base camp” working each day, although when I took off from my “base” to freely travel and not work, I could only travel for as long as my financial reserves lasted. Sure, this is a better set up than most people have, but a limiting set up, none the less.


I wanted to recreate the freedom lifestyle I was already living. Yet this time, without my money ever running out, and my money working for me (instead of me working for money) while my financial wealth exponentially grows. During the 6th year of international travel I met the love of my life and now Wife Tiffanie. Being that Tiffanie is a native Californian, shortly after meeting her I ended up in U.S.A with a backpack, 2 surfboards and only a few thousand dollars in the bank. 


Initially intimated with the massive amount of inhabitants, I was wondering how a hungry little Aussie bloke like me was going to stand out in such a big crowd. It didn’t take me long to realize that the U.S of A truly is the land of opportunities and for those that are determined and tenacious boy-oh-boy is there an abundance of opportunity sitting right there for the taking!

Being hungry, determined and tenacious, I buckled down and explored the 3 main ways to generate massive wealth; stock market, owning a business & Real Estate. I tried my hand at each of these and found myself spinning plates. It soon became very clear that with my 20 year back ground in construction / construction management and my Wife’s 10 year background in mortgage and finance, plus the abundance of strategies, the stability of, and endless opportunities. Real Estate, was my best path!


Against all odd’s I ended up purchasing my 1st mobile home park with a net worth of NEGATIVE $50,000, with unseasoned credit and a mere $2,000 in the bank. Once I closed that seemingly impossible deal, I knew that anything was possible and continued to grow my knowledge, experience and wealth to become financially free within 2 ½ years through U.S Real Estate. Now I had “cracked the code”, for real. I had figured out how to live the true American dream!


Since then I have geometrically expanded my U.S Real Estate Investing platform attracting U.S. and international investors along the way. I travel and adventure at my leisure living a true and abundant freedom lifestyle! Astonished at how I’d gone from a life of mediocrity, completely turning my life around to one of true success and freedom in such a short period of time. I became passionately inspired to pass on the “how-to-formula”, so others can join this freedom lifestyle with me. 


I’m fully committed to spreading the word of abundant opportunities in U.S Real Estate to capture the attention of, inspire and help each of YOU create your own financial freedom and live your self-designed American dream!

10,000 Miles to the

American Dream

The stories of eight Aussies who traveled the 10000 miles from Australia to the United States to find our own American Dream. Stuffed full of inspiration, education, and "fair dinkum" Australian humor!