Meet The Mates

G’day, thanks for checking out Real Estate Mates. Here is a little bit about my career. I commenced working full time in 2001, working on projects including land and house developments, large commercial refurbishments, retail construction of a major equipment hire company and the development of several industrial business parks. I hold a Diploma in Financial Markets, Diploma in Building Studies and Bachelor of Business Administration.


In 2004 I co-founded The Manson Group as a new vehicle to develop properties and was appointed the managing director. The initial projects included a commercial property in Melbourne, developing 750 self-storage units and 45 high-end terrace houses in Sydney.


Subsequently, we started 2 new divisions in 2006, Sales, Leasing & Property Management to internally run the group’s increasing portfolio of properties consisting of industrial factories, commercial buildings, and residential apartments and houses, and also a Design and Construction division servicing medium to large commercial clients. 

During these previous years, I was always involved in financial markets via my private company TKM Investments and in 2009 expanded the diversification of The Manson Group by proactively investing into areas including listed and unlisted property trusts, mining companies, digital media companies, and technology. 


Throughout 2010-2012 the original real estate focused development company grew to become an organization undertaking a multi-faceted approach in a diverse range of areas surrounding real estate, successfully planning, designing and building numerous projects in conjunction with managing a wide range asset portfolio.  


I moved from Sydney to San Francisco in 2012 where I founded and was CEO for 5 years of real estate technology company, Property Connect, the company is now listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Since 2014, I have been the Chairman of the Real Estate Sector of Founders Network. 


Recently, I have co-founded 2 new ventures, a technology company HITX which has developed a product to optimize online real estate transactions. The second company XSpace Group is changing the way we think about space by developing premium multi-use commercial condominiums. 

10,000 Miles to the

American Dream

The stories of eight Aussies who traveled the 10000 miles from Australia to the United States to find our own American Dream. Stuffed full of inspiration, education, and "fair dinkum" Australian humor!